Providence University College is inviting everyone to join them in a discussion on the hot topic of science and faith this Saturday.

Rev. Dr. Robert Dean serves as the Associate Professor of Theology and Ethics at Providence Theological Seminary. After applying for a "science for seminary" seed grant, they were one of 12 schools in North America that were awarded grants. 

"We're staging a public event on March 19, a Science and Faith Symposium," says Dean. "It's titled In Him All Things Together, from Colossians 1:17, a majestic and cosmic vision of everything holding together in Christ."

The symposium will be taking place online with some guests speakers including Dr. Josh Reeves, the Director at the Centre for Science and Religion at Sanford University in Alabama. In the afternoon the symposium will have two Scientists who are also Christians, including Dr. Nyasha Gondora from Waterloo and Dr. Keith Fox who previously headed up the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion at Cambridge in the U.K.

"We hope to equip pastors for discerning reliable sources of information and even equipping laypeople. Many people today are living their day-to-day lives in the worlds of science and technology. They need to know how their work life and their life of faith interact and integrate with one another in a holistic way."

There will also be a question and answer period after the speakers are finished. 

"It begins at 9:30 with the first session. The first talk is going to be 'Christianity and Science: Where the Problem Lies.' At 11:00 a.m Dr. Josh Reeves topic will be 'How to Trust an Expert: Becoming a Wise Consumer of Science.' I think there will be much for us to ponder after that talk."

While the event is free, anyone wishing to attend will have to register online beforehand to receive the Zoom link. They are also planning on making the lectures available in a video format after March 19, although just when hasn't yet been determined. 

"We're deeply shaped by a narrative that has emerged in the last 150 years that says science and faith are in competition. Historians have actually proven that that's a false narrative. Both sides, atheists and people of faith, have often, unfortunately, come to believe that this is the case."