The virtual Gutsy Walk this past weekend had one young Winnipegger and his family doing laps in his neighbourhood.

Nathaniel Brown was happy to get active to support his dad Kyle after fundraising for the event. 

"It's a fundraiser to find a cure for Crohn's and Colitis Disease," says Nathaniel.

On June 6 another National Gutsy walk took place across Canada. Nathaniel decided to do more than just walk.

"I did 50 laps around my cul-de-sac. On my bike, I did five laps, then on my scooter, five laps up until 50 laps. I drove my go-kart backwards for five laps."

For the past nine years, the family has participated in the Gutsy event. 

Team Brown doing the Gutsy Walk in Winnipeg.Team Brown doing the Gutsy Walk in Winnipeg. (Supplied)

"Nathaniel was one-year-old when we started but he became really involved when he was six years old in terms of fundraising himself. He started by setting up a lemonade and cookie stand for people passing by," says Kyle.

This year because of the pandemic, the family chose to do laps around their cul-de-sac as neighbours cheered from their own driveways. 

Nathaniel asked people he knew to donate and every time he hit a new level of funds raised he would add laps. The 10-year-old raised a total of $3,080 on his own and as a family, the Browns raised just under $10,000. 

"It was quite a rainy night the night before so we were pushing the excess water off the street in the morning. The kids did their laps around the cul-de-sac and it was a little breezy."

This year, Nathaniel's little brother Zach joined the team and he did 30 laps. With the Brown's little girl turning four, Kyle is hoping she'll join in a few years.