A pair of nurses in Pakistan are facing blasphemy charges after removing wall hangings and stickers from the walls of a hospital.

Maryam Lal and Navish Arooj were directed by a senior nurse to clean up Civil Hosptial in Faisalabad, Pakistan on Apr. 9, Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) Canada reports.

The two Christian nurses cleaned the walls but were then accused of desecrating wall hangings containing Quaran passages.

VOM reports the complaint details that the head nurse, who directed the two believers to clean the walls, claimed to see Arooj scribble on a sticker that had verses from the Quaran on it before stripping it from the wall and handing it to Lal.

Reports on the incident have suggested the head nurse held a grudge against Lal and had set the events in motion.

Another hospital worker says he saw Arooj tear up a religious sticker after Lal instructed her to do so. When he confronted the nurses about what he saw, he was allegedly told, "Who are you to ask me?"

The worker then reportedly attacked Lal with a knife and injured her arm. Lal then fled the hospital.

Dr. Mirza Muhammad Ali made the official police complaint after making inquiries among hospital staff about the incident. Mobs demanding the deaths of the two nurses have since conereged on the hospital.

Police, however, have taken the two nurses into custody, thus protecting them from any possible attempts at vigilante justice.

VOM reports false blasphemy allegations are common in Pakistan as a means of revenge against people for personal wrongs, business dealings, or religious hated. Often, these inflammatory claims result in mob violence and protests.

The two nurses are facing up to life in prison for the charges.