A mother is thanking God that her daughter is safe after her husband jumped with her in front of a moving train.

Fernando Balbuena-Flores, 45, died by suicide early Monday morning in New York after he was hit by a train travelling to Manhattan.

The scene occurred after Baluena-Flores jumped onto the tracks with his 5-year-old daughter, Ferni, from the Kingsbridge platform in the Bronx.

Thankfully and miraculously, Ferni survived. Two good samaritans were able to rescue the young girl, who escaped death by finding a space under the train between its wheels, ABC News reports.

As soon as the train stopped, two bystanders quickly leaped onto the tracks in order to help the girl and her father. They were able to coax Ferni from under the train and pass her up to other bystanders on the platform, but her father was already beyond help.

Antonio Love and Jairo Torres, the two men who were able to rescue the 5-year-old from beneath the train say the girl was saying "Papa, my papa," after she had been pulled to safety.

Despite the entire ordeal, Ferni emerged from under the train with only a few scratches to her face. She was taken to hospital and treated for minor injuries.

Her mother, Niurka Caraballo, thanks God for protecting her daughter.

"The child is in perfect condition, thank you to God and the angels who took care of her," she said in Spanish to reporters. "Everything is fine, except the absence of my husband. Thank you. "