After being thrown over a balcony in the Mall of America, a five-year-old boy is astounding doctors as a living "miracle."

Landen Hoffman was along for a regular shopping trip with his parents at the Mall of America (MOA) in Minneapolis, MN on April 12. The day, however, took a sinister turn when the boy was thrown over the mall's third-floor balcony railing.

The 24-year-old responsible for the attack has now been charged with attempted premeditated first-degree murder, according to CBN News. He told police that he had originally intended to kill an adult that day at the mall, but that his plan had not worked out.

"There was zero evidence of brain damage"

Mac Hammond, the pastor at Living Word Christian Church where the Hoffman family attends, gave an update on Landen's condition following a visit with the family at the hospital.

"It was a miracle he wasn't killed," said Hammond, echoing the words of the doctors upon receiving the results of Landen's MRI. The scan, indeed miraculously, showed no brain damage suffered by the five-year-old, despite the significant height from which the child fell.

Landen's injuries following initial assessment after the attack revealed several broken limbs accompanied by what was believed to be severe head trauma.

"There was zero evidence of brain damage," Hammond told the congregation, "there wasn't even swelling in the brain."

Some small amounts of internal bleeding and other surface injuries in addition to broken legs and arms were attended to on Landen following the accident.

"This is truly a miracle. It's like he fell off a bicycle instead of off the third floor of the mall," the pastor continued, repeating the reactions of the physicians attending to the boy.

Hammond credits Landen's miraculous resilience to God, calling the incident a living example of Ressurection power.

Landen's mother, says Hammond, experienced a feeling of dread on that day, which she believes came from the Holy Spirit. She did not leave the mall with her son, though, owing to a commitment she had made to meet another family there.

When Landen was thrown from the balcony, amidst the chaos and screaming that ensued, his mother could be heard telling people to "just pray."

"This is what the Word will do," Hammond preached. "It'll open up power to you to restore whatever the enemy is able to bring about or fend him off completely."

While Landen certainly is blessed to be alive, the young boy still faces a significant road to recovery. A GoFundMe started for Landen's family has raised nearly $1 million to-date.