Recovery continues for the 6-year-old child who was struck by a school bus last month in Steinbach. 

The girl and her family attend Stonehouse Covenant Church, and Pastor Shannon Johnson Friesen says there have been a few surgeries during the past six weeks. 

“She is still in the hospital, and she will be for several more weeks at least. She underwent another surgery last Tuesday and it went well.” 

The child had been in a medically induced coma, but her condition is improving. 

“She got to visit a room with fish the other day,” Johnson Friesen says. “I chatted with her on Facetime the other day.” 

While in a children’s activity room at the hospital, the girl was able to paint a picture. Johnson Friesen says her lower body injuries will continue to require time and medical support, and family is hopeful as recovery progresses. 

She notes the family has a good support system in place with care for the children when the parents are not able to be at home with them. 

“We’ve had a meal train going for the family ever since the event happened. So, we have regular meals coming to their home.” 

Right after the incident, a Go Fund Me account was set up to support the Myran family as they are incurring additional expenses while their daughter is in hospital. A goal of $20,000 has already been surpassed. 

On September 11th, the child was struck by a school bus near the SRSS. A week later, she came off the ventilator and was able to communicate with her parents and siblings.

While some of her injuries are quickly healing, this child still has a long recovery road ahead of her.

Following this incident, Steinbach City Council approved a request from the Hanover School Division to make some changes to improve safety at the bus loop at SRSS.

-With files from Kenton Dyck.