A provincial road that connects Seven Sisters Falls through Manitoba’s Whiteshell Provincial Park claimed the province's worst road this year, but two Winnipeg streets are right behind. 

CAA Manitoba’s Worst Roads contest for 2022 has provincial road 307 as its winner.

"This is the first time a rural road has made the top of our list," says Heather Mack, Manager, Government and Community Services. 

A resident who lives near Otter Falls, which is in the Whiteshell off of PR 307, told CAA Manitoba that the road is even worse in the winter, due to how much the road heaves in the cold. Last week it was closed as water covered the route because of flooding. 

Winnipeg’s Saskatchewan Avenue came in second due for the worst road due to its numerous patches and potholes. One pothole was so deep, that a local man took a photo of himself standing waist-deep inside it. 

(Photo Credit/Taylor Cook)Saskatchewan Avenue in Winnipeg in early May. (Photo credit Taylor Cook)

It’s not just potholes that CAA Manitoba asked Manitobans to think about when voting for their worst road. Lack of active transportation paths, lack of safe and accessible access, poor or no signage, bad design or poor maintenance all went into this year’s voting. 

Coming in third for the worst road is Waller Avenue in Winnipeg. Spots seven to 10 were all Winnipeg routes as well, including Leila Avenue, Kenaston Boulevard, Dawson Road North, and Goulet Street.