A Winnipeg grandfather has cycled over the initial "finish line," breaking the Guinness World Record this Wednesday evening for the longest distance cycled in a month (30 days).

Arvid Loewen has successfully broken the previous world record by biking 11,317 km as of 8:19 p.m. Wesdnesday night.

The previous Guinness World Record for farthest distance cycled in one month (30 days) by a male was set by Mark Beaumont from the UK in 2017. The previous record was 11,315 km or 377 km/day.

Loewen has beaten the previous record, however, he's not stopping there. Loewen will continue to put on the miles before the end of July 30 to push the amount cycled well over the previous distance.

Over the past 29 days, Loewen's average distance cycled per day is 390.6 km, bringing him one full day ahead of the previous world record.

On Thursday, the thirtieth and final day, Lowen is biking additional kilometers, adding toward the record, as he cylces without pressure of reaching a specific goal. 

The reason Loewen cycles isn't for fame or glory, but rather to bring awareness and raise funds for orphans in Kenya. He supports the Mully Children's Family (MCF) organization, and to date, he and his wife Ruth have helped raise millions of dollars that have greatly affected those children for the better.

For anyone looking to support this initiative, donations are still being accepted on his website, and a generous donor has offered to match every dollar up to $115,000. 

Loewen has been riding up Henderson highway every day for 30 days, for roughly 16-17 hours a day, in the intense July heat.

Tonight he holds the title of Guinness World Record holder, for the second time.

The first world record that he broke was for the fastest bicycle crossing of Canada (6,040km) in 2011 which took him 13 days, six hours, and 13 minutes.