A life-sized statue of the famed evangelist Billy Graham will be replacing a white supremacist's statue in the US Capitol's Statuary Hall in 2021.

Right now, the collection in the Statutory Hall is made up of 100 statues of people who had an incredible impact in the USA. Each of their 50 states have two statues erected of their choosing. 

The statue being torn down and replaced is one of North Carolina's former governor, Charles Aycock (1859-1912). 

Graham was born in North Carolina on a farm near Charlotte, and will be displayed as one of the two North Carolina statues in the hall. 

CBN News reports that the new statue will portray Graham as he appeared in the 1960s, preaching and holding a Bible in one hand. 

A former North Carolina state Senator pushed for this statue to be erected five years ago, while the evangalist was still alive. 

Graham passed away in 2018 just before his 100th birthday. 

Graham's son Franklin, who is the president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA), told Religion News Service that his father "would want people to give God the glory and not himself."