Environment and Climate Change Canada has released its three-month forecast for the start of 2020.

Meteorologist Eric Dykes says we shouldn't see any drastic changes.

"There is a little area just over the Interlake region where the weather models are indicating a greater chance of it being, even more, warmer than usual," says Dykes. "Over the southern Manitoba area of Portage la Prairie, Winnipeg and Brandon, it's for the most part, at or just a little bit above-normal for the next three months."

Looking at snowfall, he says we may see the odd storm which could bring some accumulation, but on average, we should expect much of the same.

"The weather models there are indicating, for the most part, precipitation will be near-normal once again," says Dykes. "I think we've seen that for the last little while, no real big changes. There's no real large precipitation anomalies, for example, not really dry or not really too wet in and around southern Manitoba per se, for January, February and March."

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Dykes says there is a low-pressure system coming this weekend which will bring the potential of some flurries. Early next week, temperatures will drop to near-normal or slightly below-normal, but he doesn't expect them to stay.

"The normals for this time of year are in and around the mid-to-minus teens for highs and around the mid-to-minus twenties for lows," says Dykes. "Those temperatures are going to be rather static through January and February, and of course, through March, we're going to see those temperatures rise ever-so-slightly to highs around minus eight during the day come March, and lows, not nearly as cold, maybe minus 15, 16, 17."