A civil war that has ravaged Sudan since 2003 may finally see some peace in the days to come with the newly signed peace agreement.

The war of Sudanese civilians has killed 300,000 people in the western region of Darfur alone. 

The Sudanese government reached this agreement with the Sudan Revolutionary Front, a coalition of rebel groups, according to Mission Network News

The agreement between the two covers a list of things, including land ownership, power-sharing between all parties involved, and the return of people who have fled their homes in the civil war.

The rebel forces will be dismantled, however, they will be given the opportunity to join the country's military. 

The hope is palpable for the nation, as Voice of the Martyrs, Todd Nettleton shares what the atmosphere there is like.

Nettleton says, "This agreement should, at least in theory, pave the way for peaceful coexistence within Sudan. Hopefully, a nation that’s not focused on fighting against others within its borders can focus instead on development and on moving forward into what we hope is a civilian rule."

Earlier this year, the country celebrated another victory with the outlaw of their oppressive apostasy law. This bans any further female genital mutilation, as well as accomplishes other religious freedom and human rights goals.

Kevin Zeller with MNN says, "Pray lasting peace will come to Sudan, and that Christians will have more freedom to proclaim the Gospel."