A documentary created by a local filmmaker had a successful opening.

Stephen Gray's After Death hit 2,000 theatres across Canada and the United States on Oct. 27 and came out #4 at the box office, taking in $5,060,815 and making it the #12 highest-grossing opening for a documentary.

"This weekend, the success of After Death underscores cinema's vital role as a powerful communal space for pondering profound questions, igniting the deepest yearnings, and fostering collective hope," said Brandon Purdie, Executive Vice President, Global Theatrical Distribution at Angel Studios.

The film also struck a chord with viewers, who awarded After Death a CinemaScore rating of A-.

After Death explores the question, "What happens when we die?" a question that Gray asked regularly after his brother-in-law passed away in a tragic car crash. Through stories of survivors and their families, medical researchers, leading scientists, doctors, and five NYT best-selling authors, the film takes viewers on a journey of discovery.

After Death is Angel Studio’s third theatrical release behind Sound of Freedom.