A child is recovering in hospital after experiencing a 20-foot fall into an air ventilation shaft.

Just before 8 Monday evening, a child fell into an open air vent, falling inside. An adult who was with the child at the time called emergency crews immediately. 

At 7:56 p.m. crews, along with the Technical Rescue Task Force arrived at the 200 block of Ronald Street, just off Portage Avenue.

The Technical Rescue Task Force was called to the St. James area where they deployed a tripod-based rope rescue.

200 block of Ronald Street

Crews were able to pull the person to safety within 20 minutes and they were transported to hospital.

The City says the open air vent is the responsibility of the property owners or managers.

"Air vents and the maintenance of vents are the responsibility of property owners or managers. These individuals are reminded to regularly check the condition of their vents to ensure they are safe," the City says in a statement to CHVN.

The City says they are unable to confirm the condition of the child in hospital at this time.