Financial advisors in Winnipeg who are passionate about their faith as well as helping people find financial freedom are offering a resource to churches in hopes of sparking a movement of generosity and kingdom-focussed giving.

"God has so much to say to us about finances, and yet I'm not sure we're hearing his voice," Merv Peters from Fresh Ground Financial says. 

With a desire to help churches, Merv and his partner Brendan Peters have spent a few years putting together and fine-tuning a one-day seminar to help people understand money from a biblical perspective. The seminar is called Finding Financial Contentment: Aligning Your Money With God's Heart.

Merv says a large part of this desire comes from seeing churches struggle financially that should be thriving.

"Jesus talks about being joyfully generous," Merv says. He feels that if ask ourselves 'What can God do with me and my money?' we might begin to capture a bit of that joy.

The seminars are perfect for small groups to attend together so that they continue their discussions in the following weeks both Peters say.

"It's really the catalyst for those groups of people to continue those discussions within those groups, to be accountable to each other, to encourage each other down the road, and that would become a ripple effect that reaches the wider church body."

Not a sales pitch

While Fresh Ground Financial often hosts one-day seminars to introduce people to products and strategies to help them financially, this is different. Both say they simply have a desire to see Christians living out their faith in relation to their finances.

That's also why they're offering the seminars for free. While they would ask that costs like the printing of workbooks be covered, they are offering their time and knowledge for free to churches.

They also recognize that COVID-19 may provide some challenges, but they're eager to talk with churches and figure out a plan to help congregations move towards joyful and generous giving.

You can contact them for more information at (204) 415-9074.

Listen to the full conversation below. Part 1 disucesses their passion for helping people and Part 2 gives info and background on the seminar.