The Robert Morris Ministries, run by Gateway Church in Texas, has cancelled all future radio and television broadcasts after the former pastor confessed to sexually abusing an underage girl

The abuse took place, according to Morris's confession, in 1982, when victim Cindy Clemishire was only 12-years-old. The abuse lasted for four and a half years, all the while Morris was a husband and father. 

"The elders of Gateway Church learned that Pastor Robert’s moral failure from more than forty years ago involved a minor," the elders of Gateway posted on Wednesday. "We are heartbroken and grief-stricken for this woman who has carried this burden of abuse for decades."

According to Clemishire, the elders knew about the abuse and did nothing for years. The group of elders however say they had no prior knowledge except that it was a 'young lady' and that Morris had undergone "counselling and freedom ministry" for two years before returning to full-time ministry in the late 1980s. 

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"Pastor Robert’s sin and his lack of transparency to the church’s elders and leadership has disqualified him from continuing in his role as senior pastor at Gateway Church and as leader of Pastor Robert Morris Ministries. As a result, all future radio and television broadcast ministry from Pastor Robert Morris Ministries has been canceled."

Shortly after making the confession on June 17, Morris officially resigned as founder and pastor of Gateway Church. 

The Texas-based and Christian broadcaster, Daystar Television Network, quickly cancelled all programming featuring Morris within the week of his resignation. 

The church's elder, Tra Willbanks, publicly apologized for everything that happened to the congregation at the end of June. 

"I know that there are many in this room at our other campuses and many watching online who have their own horrific abuse story and I want to speak to you. I'm so sorry. I'm just so sorry. I cannot imagine the pain and the emotions this past week has stirred inside of you as you felt betrayed. And on behalf of the elders, we're sorry." 

Clemishire doesn't think she's the only one that was abused by Morris. 

"I was 12 years old," Clemishire says in an interview. "I was a little girl. A very innocent little girl. And he was brought into our home. He and his wife, Debbie, and their little boy, Josh, and trusted and preached at the church that my dad helped start and then began grooming all of us to do this, which took me decades to wrap my brain around as an adult."

The elders of Gateway believe that despite everything that was brought to light, many people have been blessed by Morris and his ministry over the years. They also encourage people to go to God as the main source of faith.

"We know God is on His throne—even when it seems that everything around us is shaking, He is our firm foundation. We know He loves and cares for every one of you, and we encourage you to continue looking to Him as the source of hope and strength."