An Active Transportation Day hosted by Altona's W.C. Miller Collegiate last Wednesday saw one-third of students accept the challenge to get to school under their own power. 

135 students, or 35% of the student body, found alternative ways to get to school that day. A large number of the school's staff also took on the challenge. So as not to leave out the students who live out of town, they were encouraged to take a walk, jog or a bike ride after school. Each registered participant was entered to win a new bike, donated by Altona Farm Service. 

Thanks to additional funding through Border Land School Division's Education for Sustainable Development fund, the school was able to purchase smaller prizes like bike helmets and a good quality water bottle. 
Gavin Groening won a Yeti water bottle and holder.

Caleb Boughton and Cassandra Wiebe each won a helmet.

And Gian Hontiveros, a newcomer to Altona, won the Norco Storm mountain bike.

Check out this video put together to promote the day.