A performance urging millions of people to be generous has won a Christian a generous prize.

Dustin Tavella is all tricks, but the magician's real magic is in his storytelling. His inspiring acts have touched thousands throughout the latest season of America's Got Talent. After the tightest race yet, Tavella was voted the winner of $1 million and to star in a Las Vega show.

"This is what I was hoping for. This is what I was praying for," Tavella says after his win in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Magic may be an unusual career path for a Christian, but Travella tells YouTuber Ruslan KD in a July interview that he is creating wonder for people using mystery and sneakiness.

He uses his storytelling skills not only to share his tricks but also to share the gospel. With previous experience with homeless ministry and a crisis pregnancy ministry, Travella is no stranger to connecting.

"We just want to help empower people, and we want to be a bridge between the church," he says in the interview.

Tavella says he is blessed to win. The magician is now partnering with Compassion International, a Christian organization focussing on childhood poverty.