It's been over a decade since Amy Grant last released an album, but that lapse in time will end next month when Grant releases her latest project, Lead Me On Live 1989.

This new 18-track album was originally recorded in 1988-1989 in Fort Worth, Texas, during her Lead Me on World Tour. 

Most of the songs on the album are unreleased except a few songs that were included on her 20th Anniversary Edition of the original Lead Me On album.

“When I first heard the recordings from 1989 from the Lead Me On Tour, the thing that bowled me over was just what a talented band I had on the road. I have loved every band configuration I’ve ever had on the road and all are so special to me, but there was something unique about that group of players and singers during the Lead Me On Tour. First of all, there were so many of us on the stage, and so many types of instrumentation like harmonica solos, flute solos, saxophone, mandolins, lots of keyboards and stacks of vocals, it just felt like one big family reunion every night. The size and scope of the production and the big experience we were trying to create also made this tour very special. The energy of the crowd felt like an infinite number 8 with energy coming from us on stage, circling through the audience and then coming back to us and it brought back so many amazing memories. I’m so grateful we captured that moment in time," said Amy in a press release.

The last album she released was How Mercy Looks From Here, which hit shelves in May 2013. It was Grant's 18th studio album.

Amy Grant will release her highly anticipated new project, Lead Me On Live 1989, on October 6, 2023.