The Color has been a part of so many exciting things over the past months, including opening for Jamie Grace when she was in town. They recently made an announcement on their website with some news on the future of the group. 

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Farewell from Gabe

In the midst of a really exciting season for our band, it is bittersweet that we, The Color, announce that Gabe will be stepping away from pursuing music as a career, to spend more time with his wife, Erin, and their two children.

Gabe has been with The Color from it’s early forms and his passion, mind and love for music have had a great influence on us as musicians and bandmates.  We are saying goodbye to an incredible guitar player, the most bizarre sense of humour and a really great friend.  Those of you who have had the privilege of encountering Gabe will know that his positive presence, uplifting nature, and indecently loud laugh are infectious, and we will definitely miss having him around.  However, we’re very supportive of his decision and are grateful that Gabe will now have the opportunity to be with his family more and travel less.

Naturally, a transition of this nature brings about mixed emotions but rather than focus on what is ending, we will move forward in preparation for the good things to come.  Following release of our most recent single ‘One Sure Thing’, we intend to continue making great music and to build on the foundation that Gabe has helped lay for this band.

Gabe would like to thank all of you for being such a huge support to him and his family over the years!  

If you want to see the original line-up one last time, make sure you come out to the Gretna Hot Spot Festival, this Saturday, July 19th at Buhler Hall.  The show begins with Bryce Pallister at 7:00pm and we will be on at 8:30pm. We'd love to see you there!

The Color

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