One God - One Day-One Africa is claiming their spring celebration will be Africa's largest gospel campaign ever.

People will be praying over the course of four days with hopes to unite Christians in Africa.

Thirty-five countries in Africa have pledged to join the One God - One Day - One Africa celebrations but 1GDA hopes to have 45 of Africa's 54 countries join them in the spring.

The event leads up to Pentecost Sunday, the day that celebrates the birth of the church. Services will take place from May 28-31, 2020.

The celebration will feature music, worship services, and church leaders from across the country. The organization hopes the event will be "exciting and attractive" for people to participate in. Worshipers can participate by watching live-streams and television/radio broadcasts if they are unable to attend one of the planned events. 

Organized by Evangelist Jennifer Wilde, the celebration hopes to reach people of all religions and economic status.

“Many African leaders are blown away by this idea. They are always thinking about the next campaign… one city, one country… but no one has thought of empowering the whole continent at once," Wilde says in a written statement.

1GDA is also asking missions to "adopt" countries. A total of 45 countries are participating in the adoption, with thirty countries being already matched directly with mission groups.

The project began in 2016 with plans to unite African Christians. It took Wilde two years to comprise a team and reach out to countries, asking them to participate. 1GDA is asking for prayers as part of the celebrations. They have a daily and weekly prayer list for those wanting to offer their spiritual assistance. Cities have not yet been announced for the celebration but a list of participating countries can be found online.