A new report gives the Anglican Church of Canada a "wake-up call" says an archbishop about the possible disappearance of the denomination. 

Early this month in Mississauga, Ontario at a General Synod meeting, it was reported that in 20 years, the Anglican Church of Canada may not have any members left. 

Rev. Neil Elliot, an Anglican Priest in British Columbia, wrote the report and claims that by 2040 based on the data not only will there be no members of the Church but there will be no givers or attendees. 

He gathered his statistics from 1961-2001, from the subscriber numbers of the "Anglican Journal" the official publication of the Anglican Church, as well as his personal survey of average Sunday attendance and givers across Canada and other methods. 

In 1961, the membership was at a peak of 1.3 million but by 2017 it dropped to 357,123 members.

Rev. Elliot believes this decline should not be taken lightly. "For five different methodologies to give the same result is a very, very powerful statistical confirmation which we really, really have to take seriously and we can’t dismiss lightly,” Rev. Elliot says to those at the Synod. 

Anglican leaders believe this new development will test the perseverance, endurance, and creativity of the church. 

Although the numbers are dire, Anglican leaders say that the church should stay positive and continue to share the Word of God as the body of Christ.