Young Christian artist Anne Wilson is releasing a music video for her first single of 2022 reminding people that faith in action matters. 

"My song 'Sunday Sermons' is the story about growing up in church where deep roots began to take hold," says Wilson in a YouTube video, sharing the story behind the new single. 

The video for 'Sunday Sermons' is premiering exclusively on Wilson's Facebook page as of March 2.

"As a little girl I had truth surrounding me every week, even though I didn't accept Jesus into my heart until seventh grade."

The official music video shows a man living out his faith by loving people outside of the four walls of a church building. 

"After I became a Christian I finally realized how God had been building a foundation of truth as I was growing up in those Sunday sermons."

This faith would help Wilson as a teenager when her older brother unexpectedly died. It was the video of her singing at her brother's funeral that brought her into a musical career. 

Her debut album My Jesus will be available on April 22, 2022, and it will include 'Sunday Sermons.'

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