The alternative/pop duo is setting the stage for the new year with an upbeat single and their sophomore album.

Nothing is Ordinary. Everything is Beautiful. will be released by bandmates Jordan Phillips and Adam Stark on February 5, 2021.

It includes their newly released single 'Good Day' which features Social Club Misfits that they released on New Year's Eve.

"In a year like this where things have been super heavy, 'Good Day' feels like a respite, a breath of fresh air, a new beginning," Phillips tells New Release Today. "We spend so much time and energy in our lives worrying, toiling over our pasts and future and missing out on so much of what is actually valuable. God is in our future."

The duo are both collaborative producers and songwriters from Nashville who like to infuse futuristic synth into their hope-filled tunes. 

"That's a narrative we always weave into our music; the desire to believe that things are going to get better," says Phillips. "2020 was a year that created a lot of anxiety in all of us, but with these songs, we're choosing joy in the midst of chaos. Things can still be beautiful, even if they aren't ordinary. The thread is hope."

The new album has 14 songs on it, with six pre-released singles including 'Patient' and 'NOW!' The lyric video for the song 'Patient' was released in August 2020 and already has over 100,000 views.

Apollo LTD's first album, Out of Body was released in 2019 and included hit singles like 'Gold' and 'On the Way Up'.