Best-selling author and speaker John Piper was delivering a passionate message on a Sunday morning when his watch started beeping to alert someone he had fallen down. 

On December 11 the theologian was sharing a message titled 'The Lord Governs My Good and Is My Good: All of Psalm 16 for a New Year.' He was preaching at South Cities Church in Lakeville, Minnesota.

Right after Piper shouted, 'God is good,' with his hands in the air, his Apple watch started beeping. 

"You know what? My phone is telling me that I fell down," said the 76-year-old Piper. "I'm okay. I did not fall down. Did you hear it? This has happened twice in my life. I'm preaching and they think I fall down. I'm not falling down. I'm standing up. I'm preaching. Good grief, Apple."

The message was part of an Advent series Piper preached in December. 

Without missing a beat after shutting off the alarm, Piper continued on with his message on finding the fullness of joy through God. The crowd found a good bit of joy through the watch incident as well.