A Winnipeg congregation is inviting people to reflect on Jesus' journey to the cross with artwork pasted to the outside of their church building. 

Danielle Bailey attends Home Street Mennonite Church in Winnipeg. She, along with a few others from the church, decided to put up Easter stations on the outside of the church in preparation for Holy Week. 

"We set up something called 'Stations of the Street' based in the stations of the cross," says Bailey. "The idea actually comes from a Christian Contemplative Artist, Scott Erickson. He created his own versions of the stations of the cross."

Bailey asked a few congregants who are also artists to create their own artwork to represent Jesus from the Garden of Gethsemane up until the moment He died on the cross. This includes 13 stations and therefore pieces of art. Home Street Mennonite Church included the resurrection in their stations at the end, as some Stations of the Cross only go up to the cruxifiction.

"The church is in a bit of a lower-income area so this was a way of kind of reclaiming the alleyway space, saying this is holy space too. We want people to be there as well."

While people pasted the artwork to the outside brick wall of the church a few days ago, it has stayed up throughout the recent blizzard. 

Artwork from Home Street Mennonite Church put up for Easter.

"One of the artists asked, 'Why do we even focus on the suffering of Christ?' I thought it was great to have that conversation. I started thinking about it for awhile myself."

Bailey shares how the last six months have been very hard on her with health issues. 

"We so often skip to the resurrection and we don't linger in the suffering, and we do that in our own lives too. My health issues, I want to just skip past it because it's really hard. But there's a lot of growth and meaning to be found there, and it's just part of the human experience. When we skip past it I think we skip past a key part of what it means to be human. That was Jesus' experience too."

Bailey shares that as people focus on Christ's suffering, it brings into view our own, as well as give people compassion for others who are currently suffering. 

Anyone interested in going through the 'Stations of the Cross' can visit anytime at 318 Home Street.