A Winnipeg artist is showing off his out-of-this-world snow sculpting skills.

Bradley Gerbrandt, who is a graphic designer by day, has created a new impressive piece out of snow. Outside his family's 20 Elm Park Road home sits a large astronaut holding a white flag with a big red heart. The artist's message was plain and simple: love.

"He's just kind of down there, chilling out," Gerbrandt says. "I definitely wanted to go big on this one."

The spaceman's helmet literally glows. Gerbrandt stuck a lamp underneath, giving the ice quite the shine. He says the bright glow has to be switched at night, as it is too intense.

"Many people slow down, some kind of do the 'back-up' which is nice," he laughs. "We are eating dinner inside and then you see people stop and people get out."

It took Gerbrandt an estimated 16 hours to create his latest piece. He says the helmet made of ice took the longest to feeze despite the -30 temperatures. 

Gerbrandt has made six other sculptures previously. He is thinking about making another sculpture but says it is a lot of work. 

"I would encourage people to try it if they are thinking about it," he says. "It is fun and gets you outside. And people need to get out of the pyjamas and get out there for sanity."