Thousands of children are getting "the most important meal of the day" thanks to a $2 million program extension. 

A COVID-19 relief program is sticking about for the summer of 2021. Manitoba's Mental Health Minster and Families Minister say more than 6,400 children in close to 2,500 families participating in the home Nutrition and Learning Program were given nutritious breakfast foods, child-friendly recipes, and learning activities in February.

“Children of course need nutrition daily, even when they are not in classes. The Home Nutrition and Learning Program allows the provision of food to continue," Mental Health Minister Audrey Gordon says in a statement.

The program will continue until the end of summer despite school not being in session.

“Our government understands that learning is enhanced by healthy foods that fuel children and set them up for success,” Families Minister Rochelle Squires says in a statement.

The program was created as part of pandemic relief, giving school-aged children facing food disruption food.

Andrews Street Family Centre Inc. and Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre Inc. in Winnipeg, Samaritan House in Brandon, Cross Lake Community Council in Cross Lake and Bayline Regional Round Table are all distributers of the kits.