It's been three years since Adult & Teen Challenge hosted their smash-hit demolition derby but they're back and anticipating a fantastic event. 

"Our Demolition Derby is happening September 11," says AJ, one of the Program Directors with Adult & Teen Challenge (ATC). "The first heat starts at 2:00 p.m. and the doors will open at 1:00/1:30. We're pretty excited about it because, after two years of not being able to do it because of restrictions and whatnot, we're ready to go."

The Demolition Derby is one of, if not the most attended fundraiser they put on. People come out to Morris Stampede grounds and either participate in smashing vans together or enjoy the show of it with the whole family.

ATC has a vehicle donation program. People who are finished with their vehicle can donate it for a tax receipt and ATC then either sell it for scrap, fixes it up, or uses it for things like their demo derby. This year each vehicle in the ring will be a Dodge Caravan.

"There's a little bit of work involved. When a van comes in pretty much ready for the scrap heap beside it's still running, we'll have our guys strip all the parts, the glass comes out. Then once that's done, we demo-ready it. There are brace bars, boxes for the fuel tank and batteries with foam in it to keep that stuff protected."

Each vehicle's driver has the protective gear to keep the event as safe as possible, including a neck brace, helmet, and fire retardant coveralls.  

Demolition Derby with Adult & Teen Challenge.

ATC is still looking for businesses to sponsor their 50 vans going into the ring in September. Businesses that sponsor a van can choose the driver as well as have the option of decorating the exterior with paint, their decals, and the like. Sponsoring a van is $2,500 and can be done on their website.

The event is family-friendly and includes food trucks to enjoy. People can purchase tickets to watch ahead of time for $20 or on the day for $30. All the proceeds go to help keep hope within reach to so many in Manitoba that are going through ATC's Christ-centered addiction recovery program.