A woman says she is coming to God after learning about His love on a popular social media app.

Felica, who goes by "inkydoeshair" on TikTok, says she spent many years of her life rejecting Christianity but has now begun to pray.

"I have posted things about being atheist and I took it down because all I see are videos about God and Jesus and I actually prayed the other night and I do not know why," she says in a video.

In a tearful confession, Felica said she is in need of help.

"I guess I need help. I just do not know where to start. I do not get how you guys claim that he loves me so much. I don't understand why I have denied him so many times... I guess I have done so many bad things I just don't know where to start. I need help."

Now in her bio, she shares John 20:29: "Jesus said to him, 'Because you have seen me, you have believed. Blessed are those who have not seen, and have believed."

Gaining droves of support after posting her latest video, Felicia has been reading each comment posted on her videos. She feels that God has put people in her life to help her on her journey.

"I figured since TikTok is so huge, maybe there was someone out there who could give me some clarity," she says in a more recent video.

One of the things Felicia is trying to figure out is how she could go from one day being certain there was no God, to waking up loving Him.

"I started to feel like I am lying to myself, and I started to realize, that is an attack. That is an attack from Satan."

Felicia found comfort in 2 Timothy after reading that the Lord will protect her.

In previous videos, Felica was an open atheist. She says she will leave them up as a reminder for her of where she was in her life before beginning her new path. The TikToker says she is filled with the spirit.

Felica uses songs from Matt Maher, for KING & COUNTRY to help her convey her messages in videos.

"Just because you cannot see God, cannot hear God, when you are playing, please have faith that He is listening," she says.

In her most recent video, she shares that she was left speechless after seeing all of the attention, including media attention, she has gained from her video. 

Felica says her current journey is trying to get her daughter "super-hyped" about God.


Hardest video I’ve made. Please don’t judge me. If you see this please help me on why I’m so confused right now ##jesus ##god ##askingforhelp

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