Every day during the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan, a Christian group is inviting people to join them in prayer over countries and their athletes.

Athletes in Action (AIA) along with Jesus Film Project are inviting Christians to join them in praying over nations and athletes during the Olympics. 

On day one, the group prayed over Tokyo, the home city of this year's Summer Olympic games. 

According to the website, each day believers can hear about and pray over these aspects.

  • People will hear from a national leader sharing specific prayer needs
  • People will pass through categories of prayer with specifics for this nation and corresponding Scripture verses
  • People can continue praying for all of the nations included in this prayer journey (click here to return to the Prayer Journey page)
  • As people watch the competitions this week, recall the specifics from the prayer journey videos in praying for individual athletes and nations.

Participants in the prayer journey are asked to spend at least 15 minutes in prayer each day, over a different country each time. 

"Although Japan has a reputation for being one of the cleanest and most well-mannered countries in the world, there is one thing it lacks, and that is the gospel of Christ. 99 per cent of Japanese do not know Christ," says Atsushi Ebuchi, the National Director of Japan Campus Crusade for Christ, in the first video. 

Each day the group releases a video roughly 15 minutes long that includes ASL interpretation. The prayer journey will continue throughout the entire Olympic event.