A rising Christian artist is releasing his newest song, 'Jesus Can', encompassing his tumultuous childhood and finding a saving grace in Jesus.

Although Austin French grew up in a Christian atmosphere with his dad as worship pastor of their church, a Christian was the last thing French wanted to be.

"I made a vow when I was eight years old that I would never be a Christian," says French in a recent interview with Grace Chaves from New Release Today.

His dad worked at church and his mom was a music teacher, meaning music was a big part of French's childhood. 

"I was surrounded by the church and sang in my church almost every Sunday growing up."

However, French confesses that faith and anything to do with it repelled him. He did not grow up in a happy home.

"The conversations we had pulling up into the church parking lot was "Hide the bruises, hide the scars, put a smile on your face because we're at church." We became the ministry family that was perfect from the outside looking in, but on the inside when we were at home, it felt like World War III."

French says, "We were taught not to share and talk about it, and not to show the brokenness."

At the age of 13, French had an encounter with Jesus that forever changed him. In eigth grade he attended a music camp, initially wanting to attend to meet girls. 

"A guy there got on stage and presented the gospel in a way I never heard before. He said, "Don't judge Jesus on the broken people He came to save, because broken people hurt broken people. But Jesus wants broken people."

French and his family were asked to leave their church once his parents got a divorce. He and his siblings stayed with their mom, who gained full custody, living in a little town in Georgia.

"It felt like no one wanted me because I was this broken picture of what a perfect family that fell apart looks like. I realized that Jesus didn't run away from my brokenness. He wanted my brokenness, and He's the only one who could heal it."

Now brokenness is mostly what French sings about.

French says, "I decided to write music for broken people, and that's what I still consider myself to be today. I'm writing honest music for broken people who need a perfect Savior who's not scared of brokenness."

After auditioning on Rising Star and The Voice, he released his first debut album Wide Open in 2018. His brand new EP, Wake Up Sleeper, was released September 17, 2020.