We've all suffered losses of varying degrees. Grief is normal. But in some cases, grief becomes chronic, and when it’s compounded by guilt, it can seem nearly impossible to resolve.

Awakened by Grace is the latest book by Christian author Darlene West. In this new book, Darlene explores deeper themes of guilt and self-condemnation. West used her own journey through unspeakable tragedy to make the book that much more impactful.

“Chronic grief is something I'm all-too-well familiar with,” West said. “I lost my first son to SIDS. At the time, I had Jesus only in my head, not in my heart. I was in shock for three weeks. When people talked to me, it was like echoes bouncing off my ears.”

The book shares the story of a distraught widower who blames himself for his wife’s passing. His granddaughter, Maggie arrives and tries to teach him a thing or two about the healing power of faith. 

Today on Connections, Darlene shares her own personal story of loss and chronic grief and how she found healing in the power of faith. She also talks about her book and why she chose to write it the way she did.