An Indonesian baby has been named after a pilot as well as a mission organization after being born while thousands of feet in the air. 

Mission Network News reports that Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) was flying a pregnant woman, as well as her daughter and husband, to a hospital in the city of Timika.

Pilot Dennis Bergstrazer says "About halfway back to Timika, I turned around and sure enough, she was giving birth right then and there! Fortunately, the nurse was along and she had everything that she needed right there handy. ... So by the time we landed 15 minutes later, the baby was of course born by that time."

Not only did the birth go well and the baby healthy, but just 30 minutes after giving birth Bergstrazer says the mother stood up and walked off the plane on her own. 

"I think it’s a miracle when you take off with six people on board, and land with seven," the pilot says. "Of course, all babies are miracles.

"I’m just happy the Lord has just brought this about to be in the right place at the right time to help somebody. And it was a gift to me. My friends would say, 'Wow, that was quite a gift. You got to have a baby born in your airplane.' Then it wasn’t too long after that, I heard they named the baby after me, which is really an honour."

The thankful parents named the babby Dennis MAF after the pilot and the organization. And it's actually not the first time a baby has been named after the mission organization, nor the first time Bergstrazer has had a baby born on his plane.

Another baby was previously born before Bergstrazer's plane could even get off the runway, and that family also named the baby MAF. "So there’s a bit of a tradition now," he says.