For three days Adult & Teen Challenge (ATC) shared stories of transformation and hope. And CHVN listeners responded in a big way.

We heard great stories of life-changing results in people from all over Canada thanks to Adult & Teen Challenge of Central Canada. We also heard from volunteers on their service in multiple fields that Teen Challenge offers.

The Women's Teen Challenge Location in Brandon came to visit on day two and gave us updates on their new home there.

Their location has beautiful gardens for the girls to tend, hobbies and craft making for them, as well as the opportunity to take care of hogs. They also sell jewelry and host parties as a fundraiser to keep their operations running.

From the residential programs that so many people are aware of, to support groups such as their Concerned Persons and Living Free groups, ATC seeks to help not just the addict but everyone affected by the addiction. Their work is important, and clearly, CHVN listeners thought so.

We were sitting just over $95,000 at 6:29 p.m. when we received a phone call from someone who had already donated. She offered to finish the goal, donating a total of more than $5000! That last minute donation allowed us to hit our goal of $100,000. However, more donations came in overnight bringing our final total up to $100,885.

You can continue to donate online, here.

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