More and more local businesses are interested in giving away copies of the Bible, spreading the gospel in unique ways. 

The Beach Boy Restuarant one block off the beach in Gimli started giving away Bibles with Give the Word one month ago. 

Ryan Rempel is the Director of Give the Word in Winnipeg, and he brought 150 copies of various versions and types of the Bible to the restaurant initially. Within one week the owner called and said they were all gone. 

Luci, the owner of Beach Boys Restaurant in Gimli, Manitoba. (Supplied)Luci, the owner of Beach Boys Restaurant in Gimli, Manitoba. (Supplied)

"I just finished dropping off another shipment to them this afternoon," says Rempel.

To date, the restaurant has given away 300 Bibles. 

The owner, Luci, was thrilled to have these copies of the Bible to give away. As the owner of a busy restaurant, she said, "This is the one way I can show people what's most important to me. If you don't have God, you've got nothing. Everybody wants it, they just need to be exposed to it."

Give the Word ships out roughly 60,000 Bibles a year all across Canada. At this point, Rempel says there are roughly half a dozen businesses in Winnipeg that are giving away Bibles with Give the Word.

One of the most recent businesses to get on board is a convenience store in the Burrows neighbourhood of Winnipeg, which has a sign in their front window saying "Bongs Sold Here".

Rempel explains, "A Pastor I bring Bibles to started telling me about this guy who he met at the corner store that he had started sharing the gospel with. This guy was very interested in coming to his church. So through the many conversations they've had, the Pastor just asked, "Would you at all be interested in displaying Bibles here?" And he said, "Yes, absolutely."

Rempel said he's noticed even though COVID-19 has shut businesses down, it's been opening up people's hearts to the gospel. 

"We've seen an increase in the amount of businesses that have been open to having the Word available at their counter. I don't really know what to attribute that to, but it's just been gaining traction over the last four or five months."