Beautiful bibles, geared to the creative individual, will now be exclusively distributed by the Canadian Bible Society (CBS).

Alabaster Co's "Bible Beautiful" project has created seven well-designed and beautiful curated books of the Bible.

This offering which includes the four Gospels, the Psalms, the Proverbs and the Book of Romans, seeks to engage readers, especially millennials, with a fresh experience of the Bible, utilizing the New Living translation of the original work and incorporates striking imagery and thoughtful design.

Colin Cheung Distribution and Sales Manager at CBS says this is an exciting partnership for CBS because, "As an organization, we have done translation work...for quite some time. We have always been able to reach out to different language speaking groups and have really been wanting to engage with the urban, city communities.

"The funny thing is that through Instagram, it actually is teaching people to slow down and engage with what they're reading. We thought that would really work well with our long history of believing that the Bible has a way to speak to people on its own."

In a release, CBS says, "This delivers a fresh take on the text that is so suitable for the modern world, without sacrificing the true meaning of the original, helping to make the Bible more accessible and understandable for today's audience."

In a culture that grows increasingly digital, creative and visual, this form of the Bible can engage "anyone with a creative slant".

Cheung says, "The way that it has worked is that it as used a lot of white space, a lot of clear text, along with stunning pictures to really interact with what the Bible might be saying and the visual side of it. Something about seeing something visually and it somehow helps you want to dive in more about what the bible is trying to say. ... The visual side has the power to do that and we believe that his bible has done that really well."

Alabaster Co and CBS see this form of the Bible as an intersection between creativity and faith - a reflection of God's character.

Cheung says, "Beauty has value and it speaks to who God is - in His creativity - and how you appreciate the beauty of creation. It's pretty astounding that we can produce something that can reflect that character of God."

A Bible in this form, Cheung says, can even attract those outside the faith: "To us, the value of creating something beautiful like this that yes, it is beautiful, it is lovely, you look at it and it is nice, you want to pick it up - even someone who may not be attracted to a bible may be tempted to take a look and see what this is."