The valedictorian for the graduating class at Linden Christian School this year is Kieran Johnson. 

"It's definitely an honour," says Johnson. "Our students got to vote on who they'd like to represent them. Everybody who was nominated got to send in a speech, which was reviewed anonymously by a few teachers and mine was chosen."

Johnson says when he was in kindergarten he wanted to go into professional sports, whether that would have been the NHL, NBA, or professional soccer. Now he's considering pursuing a career in ministry or missions. 

Johnson says that he's had many teachers that have helped shape who he is, although there is one that stands out. 

"The most would be Mrs. Fast, the band director. She's so positive and so encouraging while being a huge part of my musical journey. I've always enjoyed coming to school at Linden."

Johnson shares that his favourite Bible verse that has helped him out this past year is John 16:33. 

"Next year the plan is to go to Sweden for Bible school. That's pretty exciting as I have a couple of friends going too. It'll be sad leaving everybody for eight months but I think it'll be a really good experience."