Well-known Christian speaker, best-selling author and evangelist Beth Moore is asking for prayer as she prepares to undergo some much-needed surgery.

On Friday, Moore took to X to tell her followers that after years of chronic pain, she was finally able to meet with one of the most highly recommended neurosurgeons in Houston.  

"No surprise I seriously need surgery, but the ball is rolling," said Moore on X. "It will probably take till mid-August to do all the things required for it, but I am deeply grateful."

Moore has been sharing her journey for a few months, revealing more and more as time passes. Last Wednesday, Beth was out on a walk when her pain overtook her. 

"The severe compression on the nerves in my back not only causes pain to shoot all over but also numbness in my feet.  And I don’t always know when it’s going to get intense."

Beth was a mile from home when the symptoms took over, leaving her, as she says, 'to walk home like a cavewoman.' 

After her appointment last Friday, Moore says she almost fainted when she saw the images of her back. 

"It’s no wonder the pain has been unrelenting," said Moore. 

When it comes to surgical measures, Beth says she doesn't have a lot of options. 

"I have practically tried it all," she explained. "This has gone on so long; I can’t even imagine being out of pain."

Although the road ahead seems daunting, Beth says she is happy and full of hope that she won't have to live like this forever. 

Until her surgery is scheduled, Beth is asking people to continue praying for her.

"He can get me through 8 more weeks! I love you guys in our active little community so much," said Beth. "Thank you for your prayers! They are gold!!! God bless you back 100-fold."