The Prime Minister of Pakistan now says that acquitted blasphemer Asia Bibi will now be allowed to travel to Canada in the next two weeks. Some say, though, that's not good enough. 

The Jerusalem Post reports that Prime Minister Imran Khan told foreign journalists in Islamabad this week that Bibi "will leave Pakistan in a couple of weeks."

It has also been reported that all the documents that Bibi needs, including the appropriate visas and airline tickets, are all ready.

Bibi has spent nearly a decade in captivity after being accused of blasphemy. She was acquitted by Pakistan's Supreme Court on October 31, 2018. However, she has remained in custody since then. Officials said she was moved to a safe house after protests erupted and hardline Islamic leaders put a bounty on her head.

An appeal to her acquittal was also issued, but that was struck down in January. That was considered to be the last roadblock in Bibi beinig allowed to leave the country.

Not good enough for some

The Prime Minister's announcement this week is being celebrated by man, but others still say that's not good enough.

Peter van Dalen is a member of the European Parliament from the Netherlands. He is a member of the Christian Union, part of the European Conservatives and Reformists.

Van Dalen says that if Bibi's documents are ready then saying she "will leave Pakistan in a couple of weeks" doesn't make sense.

"Why wait?!" he questioned on Twitter. "She should have been out already for months!"

Bibi's daughters are thought to be living in Canada, and it is expected she will join them here when she finally is allowed to leave Pakistan.