Another COVID-19 summer is on the horizon, and yet, plans for Kids Day Camps are still in the works. 

Boyd Kleiver, program director at Roseau River Bible Camp, says their camp opened up registration to campers back in March and already have over 200 campers registered. 

When it comes to restrictions, Kleiver says, "We don't really think the restrictions (this year) will be more limiting than what they were last year. Our sports skills was one skill that we x'ed, but all of the other skills were good to go. Archery and ropes had disinfection stations. We were able to make each skill work, with a few adaptions, to what a regular summer would look like." 

Like last year, Kleiver says they are planning for two-, three-, and four-day camps. Parents can register their children to attend day camp during July and August, a shorter period of time than last year, with no overnight camping yet permitted.

Day camps will run from 9 a.m. to  7 p.m. and RRBC will provide two meals and snacks throughout the day to campers.

Kleiver says last year the camp ended up hosting about 350 campers, "250 more than we expected," the program director shares with a smile.

"We had a wonderful summer last year. We had very (few) issues with the weather or bugs, so we were able to do nearly 100% of the activities outside."

Kleiver says the same is expected this year. Additionally, 2021 campers will notice that the Roseau River Camp playground has undergone some upgrades for younger campers.

A new skills coordinator has been hired to upgrade camper's skills, and concrete is expected to be poured for the camp's BMX track.

RV sites are also being added to the camp, with family programming throughout weekends provided by camp staff. Families staying at these sites will also have access to the camp's outdoor pool and horseback riding.

"If this catches on, we are just hoping it's going to be a way that if some families that have missed the opportunities to come to camp, that they can still come for a weekend and enjoy some of the activities anyway with their family," Kleiver says.

Meanwhile, the other RRBC, Red Rock Bible Camp in Whiteshell Provincial Park, announced registrations were open last month for their RRBC family camps. Restrictions are preventing the camp from running their usual kids camps.

The five-day, four-night family camps include meals and staff-organized events for all to take part in.