A Manitoba Bible camp has put the call out for more help for the rest of the summer.


Turtle Mountain Bible Camp is in full swing with hundreds of campers heading out to the beautiful Partridge Lake in the southwestern hills and forest of Turtle Mountain.

With all the happenings at the camp, they are in need of more volunteers for the remainder of July and all of August.

Camp directors, Howard and Kathy Weir, said they have two cooks for the camp right now, both young adults and finding the role of head chef to be quite a daunting task.

“Cooks would be our biggest need right now,” says Howard. “The Junior 2 camps from July 30th to August 3rd we have two in the kitchen and the oldest is 18 year old. So yes, we are really in desperate need of cooks. That Junior 2 camp is probably going to be one of our largest in the summer. We would be happy to talk to almost anybody!”

The other area of the need for volunteers, is for their building project. Project Manager, Sheldon Dyck, is looking at scheduling volunteers at the various different stages to help keep the costs down.

Kathy explains, “Our goal is 2.4 million. We’re hoping we’re going to be under that amount because of volunteers. So, if we can get volunteers to help with the dry-walling, help to finish the siding, those kinds of things, so we don’t have to pay contractors to do that.”

They are looking at volunteers to help in areas of dry-wall, mudding, painting, etc., and ask that if you have anywhere from a day to a couple of weeks to give of your time, to contact the camp directly,  at 204-747-2587.

The Weirs say they are just over the half-way mark in raising money for the building project, which includes dining room, kitchen, tuck shop, nurses’ station, chapel, and recreation area. It is budgeted at $2.4 million.