A member of Big Daddy Weave's touring family has died. 

On Thursday, Mike Weaver's wife, Kandice, announced that Micah Elfrink, who helped their family while on tour, died in a tragic car accident last Saturday.

"Micah was one of those people that made everything better just by being there," said Kandice in a post on social media. "She had a quiet strength about her and carried the peace of the Lord with her wherever she went. She was a servant in the truest sense of the word….always doing anything and everything that was needed with a smile on her face."

For five years, Kandice and the kids joined Mike and Big Daddy Weave on the road regularly. During this time, Micha helped with catering, and teaching the kids in homeschool classes. She also worked the autograph line and prayed over people during ministry time. 

"She was just always there ready and willing to receive what the Lord had for her and then turn around and bless others in the same breath. She was so loved!"

Kandice says some days were long, but Micah always knew when she needed a break. 

"She would take the kids to play kickball at the venue or take Naomi to the catering kitchen to make her famous pecan pies. Her days started at 8 a.m. or so, and then didn’t end until about 1 a.m. when she would crash in her bunk to do it all over again…. but she always found a way to help others."

"She had a wisdom way beyond her years, and we are going to miss her tremendously."

Micah was 35 years old.