After another health scare caused him to come off the road, the bass player of Big Daddy Weave is now out of hospital and recovering at home. 

On August 5 the family and band asked for prayers as their bassist Jason (Jay) Weaver was in such severe pain from his dialysis treatment side effects and infection that he was admitted into the hospital. 

"Agree with us for direction for the doctors to find the source of this infection that has left a normally joke-a-minute Jay Dawg quiet and in constant pain, and that he may be healed from this intruder of an infection in his body," posted the band on the day Weaver was sent to the ICU. 

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Initially, doctors thought they would have to amputate a finger to stem the infection. That changed as prayers were answered just one day later.

The band sent out an update from Jay's wife, Emily, writing that "JAY IS HOME!!!!! Thank you for all of your prayers! God has been so gracious and kind during these past few days," says Weaver's wife on August 6. "The doctors and nurses were concerned about all the things we asked for you to lift up in prayer. The Lord heard all your requests and surpassed them!"

Not only was Weaver discharged, but he also was able to keep his fingers. In 2016 Weaver had both feet amputated due to another serious infection. 

"We have follow-ups with doctors these next two weeks. There may be changes in medical treatments. We are trusting completely in His plan. Thank you, thank you, thank you again for your prayers and sweet words."

Weaver has decided to come off the road from touring with Big Daddy Weave and focus on recovery for the time being.