Manitoba's most popular winter festival wants to help people show off their cool creations.

Festival du Voyageur's move to an online celebration did not stop the group from continuing their snow sculpture tradition. Inspired by the Christmas light map, Christel Lanthier decided to create a community map with all of the sculptures being shown off, not just their own.

"What organically started happening in December, I noticed, a lot of folks were still just on their own discovering how great the snow is to play with. And there are amazing snow sculptures popping up everywhere and we just want to add those to our map too so everybody can see everything." 

In recent weeks, Manitobans have bonded over the Bears on Barrington, ice bowling, and an ice castle.

She is not sure why people suddenly are creating snow sculptures but says it may have something to do with people staying home.

"They are discovering their backyards. They are discovering how fun it is to play outside, play with ice, play with snow, and how many things you can really do with our weather and I just love it."

Encouraging others to build snowmen and sculptures their own, Lanthier says Festival created a how-to video.

"You do not have to be a professional to make a snow sculpture. If you have made a snowman before it is very similar. One of my great friends and teachers always used to say that. If you know how to make a snowman, you know how to snow sculpt." 

Lanthier hopes to see the community spirit going. When visiting sculptures, she says being respectful of the craft is important, looking with your eyes and not touching the sculptures, especially if it is warm out.

"It is fun because you can drive around and see other people's artwork and things they have done in their yard."

She is encouraging people to add their snow creations of any skill level to their map.