Environment Canada has officially upgraded today's storm to a blizzard.

Natalie Hazel from Environment Canada tells us that the strong winds and reduced visibility will be around for a while. Originally Environment Canada had put out a blowing snow advisory.

"A blowing snow advisory is issued anytime we have blowing snow which is caused by winds of at least 30 km/h and is expected to reduce visibility to 800 meteres or less for at least 3 hours."

As today's storm intensified it has officialy reached blizzard conditions.

"In a blizzard, which is still related to blowing snow and the reduction of visibility because of it, we have stronger winds. Winds of at least 40 km/h or greater, and we have widespread reduction in visibility - 400 metres or less."

While many of us would associate a blizzard with intense snow fall, no new snowfall is required for blizzard conditions. It's simply a matter of windspeed and visibility.

Hazel tells us that conditions should improve today, dropping from blizzard conditions, but will still be quite windy.

The good news is that she feels milder temperatures by this weekend, and early next week, are still quite possible.

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