The Bombers have a chance at a three-peat this week, but even more importantly, their chaplain says, they have a chance to shine the light of Jesus.

"It's an exciting time for them," says Lorne Korol about the players in his chapel group as they prepare to play in the Grey Cup this Sunday. "But, most importantly, it's an exciting time for them to shine the light of Christ, because this week their platform is the biggest it will be."

Korol is the chaplain to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Manitoba Moose, and Winnipeg Jets. For the third season in a row, he'll be standing on the sidelines watching the Bombers vie for the CFL championship trophy. But Korol is serious when he says the most important thing this week is keeping the guys focused on their faith and helping them have a strong witness for Christ on and off the field.

"Every time I pray with them I pray, 'May your light shine bright, that people would see something different in you,' and that something different would be our Lord. I also pray for their focus, because there's a lot of attention on them that week, and families are in town. They're going to be pulled in a few different directions, so focus and just for them to be able to trust the process." 

The chaplain wants to see his team lift the Grey Cup at the end of the game, "but they need to also trust that there's more than the game; that this is just a temporal prize. The apostle Paul says is a temporal prize that there's an eternal prize that is more important." 

That focus on faith actually helps ease some of the pressure surrounding the game. "Because what that does is it allows them to take a little bit of that pressure off; that pressure to perform." As the players that follow Jesus shift their focus to him it allows them the rest of their football training and muscle memory can simply take over.

The Bombers take on the Toronto Argonauts in Regina, on Sunday at 5 p.m. CST.