Nashville-native Brandon Heath has been writing and performing Christian music for over a decade, but his new music reaches even deeper when it comes to sharing the depth of God's love. 

"I didn't become a dad until I was 39, and then we had our second when I was 41 so I kind of had a late start in fatherhood. I've always had this capacity to love, but when I became a dad it was like this whole new compartment of my soul was accessed," says Heath. 

His new single, the first off his upcoming album, is called 'Human Nature.' Being vulnerable in his lyrics is something Heath has always strived to be, but even more so after becoming a father. 

"I think if you're really going to connect with people, you can write your radio songs or catchy tunes, but I think if you really want to connect with people, it requires a level of vulnerability and brokenness."

Heath's last album came out in 2017 called Faith Hope Love Repeat, which means it will be five years between albums.  

"I toured in 2018 and did 130 shows. We had a baby right before the tour started and I realized that being gone that much wasn't good for my family, and it actually wasn't good for me. I'm in a different season of my life now."

Heath took some time off to focus on his family and slowed down for a while. 

"I really needed some time to be present for my family and to think about what was right for all of us. My wife and I prayerfully considered if I should go back into music and touring again. She said yes, we could do it, just a little differently this time."

He says being a dad and having all this time at home over the pandemic has helped his songwriting.