CHVN and the crew brought some hot coffee and muffins to the fine people at Western Spring and Wire in Winnipeg Tuesday morning. 

Leslie Carter nominated her brother-in-law George Cunha because of all he does at work, and at home. 

"George is always there to help whoever needs it," says Carter. "He is one of those people who can do just about anything. He can fix anything, build anything. Call George, he is there. People don't call a 'professional',' they call George."

The 20 employees, along with Cunha, at Western Spring and Wire were also thrilled to get some hot coffee on a cold day with minus temperatures, despite the calendar showing it's the end of April. 

"Often he does things out of pocket or charges very little and it usually ends up costing him! He even fixes and installs things for his work on the weekends. He takes pride in doing a good job and enjoys helping others."

With some family being sick, Cunha has helped out by opening up his home recently. His extent of helping people never seems to end, which is why CHVN was happy to return the blessing. 

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