A well-known Canadian pastor is on leave from his Ontario church after sexual misconduct allegations were brought forward against him.

In a statement sent to media on Thursday, the chair of the Overseers Board at The Meeting House, Maggie John, says that the allegations were made known to the board at the end of November.

"In the week of November 29th, the Overseers Board was made aware of allegations of sexual misconduct by Bruxy Cavey, Teaching Pastor at The Meeting House," John says.

"Bruxy has now been placed on a leave of absence while an external investigation takes place. We take these allegations very seriously and are committed to a thorough and transparent process. We are praying through this situation."

Cavey is known not only for his preaching and teaching at his Anabaptist church but is the author of several books. He was also a teacher at Fresno Pacific Bible Seminary before being ousted over concerns raised by donors in regards to his theology. 

The Meeting House is based out of Oakville, Ont. and has several campuses.

John says that "As this is an on-going investigation, we are unable to comment any further."

We have reached out to Cavey for comment and will update if he replies.

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