Well-known Canadian pastor and author Bruxy Cavey has resigned from the church he helped grow into a megachurch following an investigation into accusations of sexual misconduct.

Cavey was the senior pastor of The Meeting House, a congregation based out of Oakville, Ont., with a total of 19 campuses. In December 2021 he had been placed on leave while the church's board of overseers investigated the claims. On Monday, March 7, Danielle Strickland announced that she would be resigning from her role as teaching pastor at the church "in solidarity with the victim of abuse."

Strickland's announcement on social media came as a shock to many congregants who were unaware of the investigation's findings. Later in the day, the church released a letter to the congregation announcing that Cavey had been asked to resign last week and that they will be holding a town hall meeting on Tuesday, March 8, to discuss the matter.

"We shared with our church community in early December that allegations of sexual misconduct were made against Bruxy Cavey," Maggie John, Chair of the Overseers Board, says in the letter. "As soon as this information came to the attention of the Overseers Board, the Overseers put him on a leave of absence, and the church retained an external independent third-party investigator to conduct a thorough investigation into the allegations and to provide the Overseers Board with the findings."

John says that the board received the investigator's report and "Over the last number of days, the Overseers have read the report and we have taken time to pray and process the information to determine the subsequent outcome."

According to John, the board, "unanimously decided to ask Bruxy to resign from his role at The Meeting House effective immediately. Bruxy then submitted his resignation on March 3rd which the Overseers accepted."

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It seems the congregation was unaware of the resignation until Strickland announced her own resignation on Twitter on Monday morning. Twitter user @charlie96443618 says, "I attend this church. What is this? We have not heard a word about the investigation at all. Is it done? As a survivor of sexual assault at the hands of many, this is leaving me reeling."

Many other congregants on Twitter voiced displeasure at the timing of her announcement saying they hadn't heard anything from the church yet about the investigation and the final report. Others came to Strickland's defence saying she did the right thing standing in solidarity with the victim, who Strickland says has been silenced by the outcome.
In the letter to congregants, John seems to acknowledge Strickland's public resignation. "We are aware there has been information shared on social media this morning that likely has created further questions and confusion. 

"We want to discuss this whole situation together and provide more details tomorrow night as a church family together."

John says the church will share a public statement about the findings after the town hall.

Cavey became the teaching pastor of Upper Oaks Community Church in 1996 after its founders moved to another church. Shortly after the church changed its name to The Meeting House and began to quickly grow. The church says it averages over 5,000 people in weekly attendance. Cavey often referred to it as "a church for people who aren't into church."

Cavey, whose full name is Timothy Bruce Cavey, is known not only for his preaching and teaching at the Anabaptist church but is the author of several books. He was also a teacher at Fresno Pacific Bible Seminary before being ousted over concerns raised by donors in regards to his theology.